Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Godspeed, Sam Champion


I had heard the term "bromance" before I had any idea what it would come to mean in my life. I understood it referred to two guys who, for whatever reason, absolutely clicked with one another to become inseparable friends. Last fall, I stumbled upon the bromance that unrepentantly captured my heart.

It was uncharacteristic for me to awaken by 7, but on one October morning I did. I turned on the television to Good Morning America, because in those rare moments I was concious at the right time, it was my morning show of choice. That said, I'd only half-watched a few episodes since the addition of Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer to the existing team of Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Sam Champion.
I can't recall the specific circumstances when the ding-ding-ding of my fandom bell rang out. Sam and Josh were joking with one another during a segment, in that way good friends do when only they are completely in on the joke. Intrigued by the camaraderie, I gave the show my full attention, and by the episode's conclusion, was totally hooked by the warmth and humor amongst the entire team.
While I fell in love with the friendships between all of the anchors, my adoration for the Sam and Josh bromance ran deepest. Their silliest antics harkened back to childhood friends who always made sure we didn't take ourselves too seriously, and reminded us to see the humor in life. Their empathy for people who'd experienced tragedies made us feel closer to those victims, too. And their pigtail-pulling, brain-sharing affection warmed our hearts.
On a personal note, this past year hasn't been the best. It hasn't been the worst, either, and for that I'm thankful. I'm a positive person, but can admit to having a few moments when I've privately unleashed a string of impressive profanities. Still, I've been genuinely excited to start every single weekday for over a year, and the good mood I'm left with after two happy hours with the GMA gang lasts throughout the whole day.
Yesterday it was announced via social media - and this morning on the show - that Sam Champion will be leaving the Good Morning America family as of tomorrow. I'm not as embarrassed as I should be to confess I am actively working through the five stages of grief. (Up next: bargaining. Sam, I'll do your yard work forever if you stay. And I don't even do my yard work.)
Firstly, I'll shake my fist at whoever thought 48 hours was adequate time for GMA fans to emotionally prepare for this most heartbreaking of departures. (I assure you - it's not.) Next, I'll get over myself and concede that Sam seems very excited about his new job. He'll be hosting his own 7 a.m. show on The Weather Channel, and travelling the globe to stare down extreme weather events and make them cower in the face of his meteorological prowess. If I was a tropical storm, I'd be shaking in my galoshes.
Finally, I'll thank Sam Champion and his Good Morning America colleagues for bringing so much joy to even the most challenging days.  Sam, you leave a hole the size of Ohio at GMA, but I know the remaining anchors plus the fabulous Ginger Zee will go a long way to fill it. Best of luck with your incredible new gig. I'm apparently now a fan of two morning shows.

And I will forever stalk Twitter, pining for the occasional update of what must now become an epic long-distance bromance.

Tomorrow morning (December 4th) is Sam Champion's final Good Morning America appearance. Watch on ABC at 7 a.m. EST, and follow/use the hashtag #GoodbyeSam to live-tweet with other fans during the show.


  1. 48 hours is most definitely not enough time to assimilate and work through this momentous news. Whilst I heartily congratulate Sam on this exciting opportunity, my heart breaks a little that this wonderful duo will no longer be starting their day together.
    Long live the long-distance bromance.

  2. I remember Sam from Eyewitness news. I was quite young too but I do remember thinking gosh he's young, younger then those he was working around. My grandmother and aunt use to watch him. I can remember that clearly because it was one of the few things me, my grandmother and aunt did together. Sure watching the news isn't something to brag about, but Sam takes me back, makes me remember what it use to be like.

    So I will miss Sam. He's like Oprah and Ryan's Hope. Loving and Donahue. Things you thought would never change, stay the same. But in reality everything changes and people move on and you have to get use to new faces and move on too.

    But thanks Mr. Champion. You made me remember those little moments with my grandmother and aunt. Much appreciated. :)

  3. Never being able to watch the actual live show, I've loved watching this bromance through your eyes. It's made me smile, chuckle and, yeah, maybe even snort with laughter a little! I shall miss those Jam updates!

    Here's wishing Sam all the best in his new exciting job. He'll leave a big hole at GMA but I'm sure the team and Josh in particular will stay life long friends!